Monday, November 22, 2010

Advent Inspiration...

Here are the links and ideas I promised on how to make your very own countdown calender.None of which is listed in the picture above, but if your feeling creative please feel free to be inspired. Just remember to keep things simple and keep Christ at the center.  
For the younger ones try these Advent countdown ideas..

To make your very own paper countdown chain (which we have used before) or box advent calender

Still haven't found what you like use this printable list of daily activities that you can cut out and use as you wish.

Or if your looking for some visual inspiration visit flickr. This site might actually inspire me to do something more creative. Nah!!

That should be enough to inspire you, but if not you can use our family idea....
  1. Take a stocking and decorate it as you like or not at all.
  2. Hang it anywhere you like
  3. Fill daily with activities, scripture or candy
  4. Enjoy the Christmas season
Now you have something you can use year after year. This works perfectly, but I would love to hear your ideas so please comment below. Oh and please share your advent ideas with me. I would love to hear them.

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Lynn said...

Your site is lovely! Both the header picture and the music. Beautiful :)