Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ring Those Bells: Bean and Bailey

Give til it hurts!!! Thats what I'm talking about. If you haven't watched it yet, stop/watch, then proceed.

*scroll down to pause the music on my playlist or watch the video on you tube.

Now that your back this is excactly what Ive been talking about. Giving til it hurts. It's what Jesus taught and lived out to his death. It's more than the 50 cents I give while buying the $100 toy for my kid.

It's taking the time to give back.Perhaps that mean ringing bells curbside while it's 30 degrees outside and raining instead of just throwing in some money.

I will tell you this.... It's Worth It!!

It's worth the cold fingers and toes when your heart is cozy and warm.

For more info about signing up to either ring bells or help in their distribution centers go to  or if your not a Knoxville local go to You can also sign up to purchase a Christmas tree and have it delivered with 25% of the purchase price going to Salvation Army.

See you on the streets ringing those bells.

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