Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Update on the small details...

Hopefully most of you have not yet bought your gift wrap for the Christmas season or if you have; you bought it at a discount last year and donated the difference.

Well if you have not here is a little update on my last "small details" post. It looks like Target is not carrying the St. Jude's wrap. In fact they are also not carrying paper that is made from recycled content. So with that in mind Target is probably not the best bet for your gift wrapping needs.

However Wal-Mart is carrying gift wrap that donates a portion of its proceeds to Friends of Earlier Breast Cancer Testing and carries the pink ribbon symbol to raise awareness. Plus they are carrying the St. Jude's gift wrap.

Now lets pretend for a moment like you have a lot of extra time on your hand. Well if you do and your extra crafty you can make your own Santa Sack or if your not any of the above you can buy one at Santa.cc. This is an idea that my family has used before. Basically you let Santa know that you do not want any gifts wrapped this year. Instead leave out the Santa Sack for the big guy to fill and come Christmas morning you have a big bag of Christmas presents for the little ones to enjoy.

Then you can take all the money and time you saved and donate to some worthy cause that will benefit far greater than the trash can will on Christmas morning.

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