Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A day of rest...

Today is a day of catching up for me. As much as I love posting devotionals sometimes the chores and the homeschooling need to get done. Just simply because serving our family is one of the simplest ways to serve God. I have come to find that one of the biggest ways I can make an impact in this world is by making an impact in the hearts of my family.

So instead today I am going to share some other sites that have inspired me, encouraged me or just plain helped me to save a little dough so I can give more. As always let the people know where you found it and share a little blog love with somebody. Us bloggers love feedback. Were needy like that.

I also encourage you to take a look at my other pages (fun links, things to do, resources, local, etc.) for some new additions or if your new take a look at some of my older post by searching through the blog archives. 

So sit back, pour a cup of coffee, grab a Christmas cookie and enjoy.

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Gabrielle said...

Thanks so much for the link up!