Thursday, December 16, 2010

A holy experience...

I had a realization the other day as I sat with my computer freaking out in front of me. I need a break. I need to do something other than blog. I need to get back to the heart of what inspired me to blog in the first place.

Of course my inspiration was Jesus. He is my everything and to be honest without him there is a good possiblity that I wouldnt be living. The funny thing is there was a time when I would have laughed at someone for saying that. I would have labeled them crazy and close minded, but like Paul my eyes have been opened and I have seen life anew because of it.

This little life that started out in a manger would grow into the light of the world and eventually set me free from myself. What is most beautiful about it is the fact that he did do it for me. He loved individual me. He loved Nicole... wonderfully messy, insecure, crazy and disturbed Nicole.He loves you. How awesome is that?!

I guess the question for me is do I love him. I mean really love him. Am I willing to wait for his return and not grow weary? Am I willing to set everything else aside and worship him this Christmas? In spite of what others expectations might be. Maybe??

Maybe with a little help we all can. Maybe with the support of other believers we can get back to the true meaning of Christmas.

Today I needed a little help myself and I found it in this post. I found my own holy experience within the words of a Holy Experience. All I can say is that its beautiful, but above all He's beautiful.

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