Friday, December 10, 2010

The small things...

As yesterdays post can attest there were many things about my childhood that brought me to this place. Some bad and some good, but all a part of who I am. They are the stories that have shaped me for better or worse into the person I have become. I trust however that not one moment of my life was left to chance by my Father in heaven. In God's eyes no minute of my life was a small thing; every second held the potential for drawing me closer to him. Thats why in spite of the bad I can look fondly on my life and see the hand of a loving Father.

There was no other time of the year that this was more evident than at Christmas. I pray thats how it is for you also. Afterall what better time to witness God's love and mercy than at Christmas time.

It always seemed that life was better then. Looking back on it I've realized that for my mom it held the same significance it does to me now. Although she didnt have church functions to attend or Christmas plays she made sure to fill those days leading up to Christmas with wonderful memories. She was able to hold on to the childish faith of her past and see life through those eyes again. I know that it was very important to her that Christmas was special for my brother, sister and me and I also know that my dad worked very hard to make it special as well. The funny thing is when I look back on Christmas I dont remember the presents although there were plenty. I remember the moments when we were together as a family and life seemed magical and full of hope.

My most special memory was driving down  Bayshore Drive in Tampa (the place where I grew up) and seeing the real nativity they set up every year. Although Im sure my memory fails me it seemed so real to me. There were angels all gloriously aglow in the trees or at least thats what my adult mind has told me. The little girl in me tells me that they were floating above the manger holding the baby Jesus like they were so long ago. Of course little girl eyes miss the small details like wires and platforms and see the magic. They overlook the production and see the inspiration. To be honest if I asked my mom about it today Im sure she would tell me it was no more than 3 people in costumes in a very poorly made set, but in my heart it was so much more. It was, like I said yesterday, more real than anything I had seen before. There in 80 degree Florida Christmas weather was the inpiration for my faith and my most favorite memory.

Ive went back to find it in later years only to find out that it has long since gone. However I wonder if the people who gave their time to that little nativity set on Bayshore Drive know that I looked forward to that more than Santa Clause. I needed it more than I needed more presents under the tree. I know God did. So today I try to hard to inspire those very things in my kids with the hope that there favorite Christmas memories would include the story of Jesus birth, but Im trusting that these small things (Killian and Lotus) of mine and Scott's are no small thing to God and that he is hard at work awakening the magic of Christmas in their little kid hearts.

Take it deeper.....
  • What is your most special Christmas memory?
  • How are you keeping the magic alive for your children or most importantly for yours
  • Go on over to Home Sanctuary and start enjoying the small things and if your not the homemaking variety then think of small ways you can improve your life or the lives of others today.

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